Taking your social good funding further

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Could your funding do more?

You’re not satisfied with the same old approach to funding.

You give.

You hope for the best.

You read some reports on how organizations used your investments.



It’s time to disrupt the social good funding model so you can achieve greater impact with every dollar you invest in social change.

The Social Solutions Funder Impact Program

provides an alternative philanthropic vehicle for donors who want their funding to go further. Our program matches funders to targeted organizations and uses a completely novel approach to interweave purpose-built technology — and the fundamentals of a shared vision for achieving outcomes — into the donor/nonprofit relationship.

Want to learn more about how we’re making funding go further through outcomes data and technology?


In almost any tough set of challenges, I see software as a key enabler of people doing better, of being more productive.

Steve Ballmer

Thinking Further…

We are obsessed with outcomes data and immersed in impact measurement. Get an inside look at how we think about social good, data and technology, and how to make funding go further.

Let’s disrupt the social good model and take your funding further.

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